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Got a crazy idea? Need a custom acoustic panel design for your next project? Maybe you have specific dimensions for an existing space? No problem! At Stille, we know your design ideas are important, meaningful and unique – just like you! And we love custom projects. With our combination of precision acoustical panel forming equipment and craftsmanship, Stille can produce virtually any custom PET panel design imaginable.

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Cut, bend, and form to any shape you can think of.

Flat is boring. Who says your acoustical panels have to be flat and one dimensional? With Stille’s proprietary bending and forming capabilities we’re able to unlock a whole world of three dimensional panel design options, ranging from wavy curves, to arcs, wedges and just about anything else imaginable. Bring dimensional, 3D acoustical panels to any space with Stille.

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Have an idea, but not sure where to start? No problem. Our friendly design team is ready to help enhance your next project with PET acoustic panels. We can help improve the acoustics of your space with premium PET panels. Breathe life into traditional spaces and materials with unique shapes, patterns and designs. Stille acoustical panels help dampen sound while looking beautiful!

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Stille acoustic panels add color and design to any space while absorbing extra noise. Stille panels are manufactured in the USA using recycled PET plastic bottles, which can help gain LEED™ green building credits.